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24v250watt Bicyle Motor Kit With 24v12ah LFP Battery

₹ 12,500

₹ 14,500


Minimum Order Quantity is 1 SET
Maximum Order Quantity is 10 SET

24v250watt pmdc gear motor kit including charger with 24v 12ah lithium phosphate battery pack, 

Battery warranty- 6 months

Speed-28+km per 1hr

Mileage approx- 20+km

Item list... 

1. 24v250watt pmdc copper binding water proof gear motor

2. Strong controller

3. Mounting plate

4. Two side ebs brake lever

5. Throttle set

6.head light horn battery indication set

7. Key switch

8. Rear long exel, free wheel, chain, socket cub

9.charger & charging socket

10.nut bolt setting support

11. 24v 12ah lithium phosphate battery pack

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